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who miss getting their check or the chance to get welfare food supplies? Do they have "volunteers" to go out and tell people about good jobs .. . ? (73)
Individual Freedom
Among political and sexual conservatives, birth control has never been regarded as a right, and at best is seen as a privilege for the educationally and morally superior classes who can practice it "responsibly." Moralists from Ghandi to Paul VI have recognized the potential for sexual liberation represented by birth control and have condemned it largely for this reason. Both advocated self-restraint as a stone to kill the twin birds of excessive fertility and hedonism. Typified by reactions to the Pope's recent encyclical, the fear of unrestrained sexuality is common among many churchmen and conservatives in Latin America. For example, the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) announced that his government's family planning program tended to "develop prostitution" (74); the Peruvian Bishops congratulated the Pope for liis defense of "married life against a reigning hedonism" (75); and a Colombian Monsignor lauded the encyclical as a "violent but necessary brake to sexual corruption in the Western world" (76).
Radicals, on the other hand, have approved of birth control precisely because of its liberating qualities. From the early days of the U.S.S.R., birth control and abortion have been essential components of the movement to liberate women in socialist societies. Another important intellectual movement for sexual liberation was psychoanalysis. An especially vigorous proponent, currently enjoying a comeback with the new left, was Wilhelm Reich, who saw sexual repression as closely linked to both authoritarian and economically underdeveloped societies. "Its function," he wrote in 1942, "is that of laying the foundations for authoritarian, patriarchal culture and economic slavery" (77). A decade later he became convinced that "genital misery" was the key to national underdevelopment.
No amount of effort to alleviate the great economic misery of the Asiatic masses can ever succeed, unless their emotional and genital misery is alleviated first. It is this misery which renders these millions helpless to do anything or even think about their economic misery [a misery which] cannot even be touched without a clear-cut, thorough and most resolute attack on their genital misery [overpopulation through lack of birth control, cruel moralisrn, etc. ]. . . . (78)
For the new left, female liberation is an essential aspect of the broad revolutionary changes which they seek. As put by Naomi Jaffe of the New York chapter of WITCH,* "The oppression of women is a fundamental part
^Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell. the Negroes to commit race suicide" (66).